Pretentious, Moi? is a uk based goth band.

Created as a solo project by Tim Chandler in 1994, the live band now includes some of the best known musicians in the contemporary uk gothic scene.

The development of the solo project into a fully fledged band is only a recent one, and as the original project was not intended to be publicly released in any big way, there is very little previously released material out there, fortunately.

Demos were released in 1994 (on tape!) and later in 1997 The earlier recording featuring the vocal talent of Rachel Iden (Nee Speight) and the latter one featuring most of the guitar effects of a Mr Gordon Young. As both are in the lineup now, there is a fair bit of continuity – in spite of the time it has taken to get everything together.

After the 1997 ‘Fashionably Late’ demo subsequent material has been sent, mainly to DJs, on an ad-hoc basis, but In 2009, Tim was asked if he’d put a band together by those lovely people at Judgement Day – and since they seemed to have an idea what they were letting themselves in for, he took up the challenge and got the current live band together.

Having been involved in the UK Goth bands since 1989 has its (few) advantages, and one of those is being able to pull together a band of likeminded and talented guys who are great fun to travel with. Besides Rachel and Gordon, There is also Guitarist Matt Helm, And Christian Tonkin from Manuskript. Since pretty much all of the guys already knew each other it was pretty easy to get things sounding right.

Judgement Day went really well  (If that makes any sense at all) – and it led to several other gigs outside the UK, with Whitby being their first gig in our home country.  Getting the band together – particularly since they brought a great deal of combined experience, acted as a catalyst for getting the album done, and the album includes input from all of the guys, including Rachel, who was also able to join them onstage at Whitby.

That pretty much brings us up to the present. There is probably a lot more to come, probably requiring less patience...


2010 Pretentious, Moi? Album (Cat no PMOI01)

Pagan Love Songs – Antitainment Compilation Vol2 (Germany, Cat-AIW 160) Malina


Darkness before Dawn Vol1 (Germany Cat-UP 0910, INDIGO 93136-2) Living Dead and Undecided


Goth is What You Make It 7 (Germany, Cat- Indigo 87021-2)
Now and Again


Kaleidoscope Vol16 (UK, Magazine promo) Witchhouse


Remix - Libitina, Reflections and Refractions (UK, Cat-LIB 004CD)
Dirt I Cannot Wash (Calm In A Piranha Remix)