9th June 2010

Having survived Whitby, we’ve got a few more gigs coming up... notably York, Dornbirn, and Lisbon. Also had loads of response the album release, which has kept us in a near permanent post-office queue.

We’re also putting together  tracks, including some exclusive material for compilations.

Recent compilations have included Static magazine

With interviews/features this month in Dominion magazine (UK), (Russia), Statik Magazin (germany), Nocturne (Serbia), Terrorizer (UK)

Also got a music player on the website!

28th April 2010

Pretentious, Moi? Have finally released an album.

This is the first full studio album released by the band, comprising of 13 tracks, and including several tracks previously released on compilations, now re-recorded and mastered. Copies of the CD are available online here....

We also have a couple of gigs coming up...

Including DV8 fest – in York on 18th July

And in Dornbirn, Austria on 16th October